Automated Viscosity bath (2-position)

ASTM D445, IP 71, ISO 3104

The modular Tamson TV4000AKV EASY determines automated kinematic viscosity which complies test method as per ASTM, IP and ISO. The viscosity of Newtonian fluids can be most precisely determined using glass capillary viscometers.

The apparatus consists of TV4000MKII viscosity bath, the measuring head, the AKV EASY module and a tower (consisting of a frame, tubing, printer, fluid trap, power supply and spill tray).

The modular TV4000AKV EASY is ideal for testing samples such as formulated oils, lubricants, diesel, hydraulic oils, additives, base oils, light fuels, waxes, light crude oils, glycols and polymer solutions.

Infrared light barriers in the measuring head automatically determine the flow time for a sample to pass two marks on a calibrated glass capillary viscometer. The AKV EASY then calculates the kinematic viscosity based on the constant of the viscometer and the measured flow time. The resulting kinematic viscosity is calculated in two decimals.

AKV EASY also supports calculation of the dynamic, relative and intrinsic viscosity.


The modular AKV EASY is a measuring system that includes everything you need to make precise and reproducible measurements. The AKV EASY is standard supplied with single automated measuring channel. Optional dual channel measuring is also available. Dual channel measuring offers two customization:

  • Both channel for automated measuring

  • One channel for measuring and other channel for semi-automated rinsing module (will be launched by end of 2020)

AKV Easy Upgrade Kit:

Existing users of Tamson baths (such as TV4000, TV2000, TV4000DC and OEM baths) can simply opt for AKV EASY upgrade kit. With the upgrade kit, the user can upgrade from manual determinations to automated kinematic viscosity. The upgrade kit consists of measuring head, AKV EASY module, new top cover customized to fit the measuring head, AKV E/A Ubbelohde viscometer and a tower.

Constant temperature bath:

The TV4000MKII is a stainless steel double walled construction thermostatic bath having temperature range from ambient to 230°C and offers uniform temperature stability of ±0.01°C. The bath is fitted with baffle plates, booster heaters, bath drain outlet, overflow outlet, over temperature protection and low liquid level warning.


  • Single or dual channel measuring

  • Touch screen interface

  • Temperature range up to +120°C

  • Viscosity range from 0.3 to 10,000 mm²/s

  • Timer range 0.10 to 9999.99 sec with resolution 0.01 sec

  • Up to 12 ml sample volume (Ubbelohde)

  • Storage up to 254 results

  • Up to 99 test runs can be done sequentially without interference

  • Up to eight custom test configuration can be predefined and saved

  • Custom preheating time, number of test runs per sample, maximum flow time, acceptable deviation of flow time and more

  • Supports calculation of dynamic, relative and intrinsic viscosity


TEMPERATURE RANGE : Ambient to 230°C



POSITIONS : Up to 2 positions


NO. OF HEATERS : 2 (1400W + 1400W)