Density Bath

ASTM D1298

A Tamson TLC15-5 refrigerator circulates a (cold) flow through the double walls of the cylinders. The TLC15-5 maintains the bath temperature within ±0.25°C of the test temperature required by the method. The PTFE valves ensure fast drainage and cleaning of the tube. The easy detachable leakage tray prevents that portions of the sample are spilled on the workbench. The rack offers full view on the hydrometer.

Density Bath setup (option 1):
Our special support eliminates the problem of mounting brackets or portions of a thermostatic bath blocking the view. The measuring set-up contains three glass cylinders with lids, a support, and a TLC15-5 circulator.

Density Bath setup (option 2):
Alternatively, TV3500 or TV2500 in conjunction with external refrigerated re-circulator can be configured to setup conventional density bath as per ASTM D1298 with five openings for density cylinders.