Extreme Traction Measurement (ETM)

Launched in 2019, the ETM uses the same specimen geometry as the laboratory standard MTM (Mini Traction Machine). Using high precision components, the ETM allows testing up to 7.1 GPa contact pressures.


The specimens, a steel ball and steel disc, are fitted to the instrument and a small sample of lubricant is added to the pot. The ball is loaded against the face of the disc, and the ball and disc are driven independently to create a mixed rolling/sliding contact. The frictional force between the two specimen is measured and recorded automatically throughout the test.


The Spacer Layer Imaging Method (SLIM) uses a high resolution RGB CCD colour camera to grab an image of the whole contact. The SLIM software uses a previously determined colourspace calibration to match the colours in the image to oil film thickness.The 3D-SLIM has been specifically designed to automatically measure the additive film formation on the upper specimen at predefined intervals throughout the duration of test. This allows a direct systematic comparison to be made between additive packages.


  • Scuffling Resistance

  • Torodial Traction Drives

  • Rolling Element Bearings

  • Mechanochemistry

  • E-Mobility Fluid Development