Oxidation Stability of Inhibited Mineral Oils

ASTM D943, ASTM D7873; IP 157, ISO 4263, ISO 12205

The apparatus (Model AD0943-200) consists of a bench top steel case containing an aluminium thermostatic block with a series of jackets for the introduction of the oxidation cells and a water dispenser for the condenser refrigeration and mass flow controllers with digital display and knob to control air flow.

Alternately, models (AD0943-300) with 8.4” touch-screen interface also available with built-in software that permits to record flow and temperature throughout the test, calibrate temperature sensors and store up to 400 test results.


  • Fitted with dry aluminium heating block

  • Equipped with stainless steel heaters to provide heating to dry block

  • Dedicated mass flow controllers with knob & display for each position to set and automatically regulate oxygen flow at 3 L/h ±0.05 L/h

  • Fitted with water inlet and outlet manifold with valve connections for the mushroom condensers. No additional manifold required.

  • Temperature range from ambient to 150°C

  • Safety device for over temperature

  • Available in 4, 8 and 12 positions

  • Also, available with 8.4" touch-screen interface with software that records flow and temperature throughout the test, built-in diagnostic routines and calibration routines


TEMPERATURE RANGE : Ambient to 150°C



POSITIONS : 4, 8, 12

BATH TYPE : Solid Aluminium dry heating block

AIR REGULATION : Automatic regulation using mass flow controllers

AIR FLOW RATE : 3 L/h ±0.05 L/h