ASTM D1401 D2711 ISO6614 IP412

Model AD1401-500 (Make: Scavini, Italy)

Fully Automatic Water Separability with automatic detection

ASTM D1401 IP 412 ISO 6614

The apparatus consists of a benchtop steel case containing the water bath, the camera and the electronics and supporting the paddles lifting mechanism.

A Panel PC with 12” touch screen interface on the front permits to enter data and manage testing procedure: the instrument can run up to four tests independently and simultaneously and can be linked to LIMS or printers by means of two USB and the Ethernet port.


  • Automatic detection using built-in CCD camera for image acquisition

  • Compact enamel-finished benchtop steel case.

  • Anodized aluminium top plate.

  • Insulating bath cover with four jackets for 100 ml graduated sample cylinders and four jackets for sample preheating.

  • Jacket for ASTM 19C/21C control thermometer.

  • Stainless steel heating bath with transparent glass windows: for use with distilled water. Working range: from ambient to 90°C, +/- 0.1°C regulation accuracy.

  • High-efficiency LED backlight.

  • Four independent sample stirrers mounted on lifting mechanisms that permit to run each test independently. Electronically controlled coaxial motors.

  • Paddle stirrers complete with shafts: brass chucks and nuts for a secure locking in working position.

  • 12” Panel PC with touch screen interface. Emergency switch on the front panel.

  • Windows Embedded-based software that permits to run the tests, calibrate, diagnose, save data and print test reports. Testing is completely automated leaving the operator just the sample insertion. Stirring time is adjustable, image acquisition is continuous while pictures of the sample at 5-min intervals are stored and presented on the report together with a chart showing water separation vs. time.

  • Safety devices against overheating and low-level.

  • For 220 V/50-60 Hz connections. Power consumption 1200 W.

  • Dimensions (l x w x h): mm 450 x 660 x 1160 approx. Weight: kg 80 approx.

  • CE marked.

Model AD1401-100 (Make: Scavini, Italy)

Water Separability tester


The apparatus consists of a steel frame supporting the control box, the jar and an electric lift that permits to move the stirrer blade up and down in the test cylinder. The speed of the stirrer is continuously showed on a digital tachometer.


  • Six position apparatus

  • Single stirrer

  • Borosilicate glass jar, 250 mm deep

  • Electric lifting mechanism

  • Electric bath stirrer and electric sample stirrer

  • Microprocessor thermoregulator with built-in digital display

  • Digital tachnometer that displays real time speed

  • Electronic timer with display that automatically stops the stirrer after 5 minutes of stirring

  • A positioning device that assists to locate the cylinder exactly below the blade of the sample stirrer, thus avoiding operator mishandling due to positioning mistakes

  • Safety device for low liquid level and over temperature cut-off