Automatic Foaming Analyzer (FoamDDI)

ASTM D892, D6082;
IP 146, BS 2000 Part 156, FTM 791 3211, ISO 6247;

Fully automatic foaming analyzer with automatic measurement of static & dynamic foaming heights and foam collapse time.

The all new FoamDDI eliminates the need for sample manipulation and critical timing involved with regular foam detector methods. Using a IR heating and Peltier cooling system with a vision algorithm, the instrument records, calculates and displays accurate results with little to no operation bias. Determinations come from this foam detector in minutes!!!


  • Sequence 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • Ability to measure both static and dynamic bubbles

  • Real time display of foam level

  • Graphing of FOAM and temperature

  • Unique algorithm for analysis using high resolution camera

  • Automatic detection of proper fill volume

  • Digital recording of foam production, foam collapse and foam stability

  • Integrated IR heating module

  • Peltier augumented cooling

  • Integrated Mass Flow Controllers for air flow


Step 1: Decant approximately 180-200 mL of the lubricant into the 1000 ML cylinder

Step 2: Bring it to the desired temperature and diffuse air as per ASTM D892 or D6082

Step 3: LED light source is automatically activated and regulated

Step 4: Software identifies dimensional data

Step 5: VISION algorithm is activated and begins analysis

Step 6 Readings are tabulated and processed through FoamDDI algorithm

Step 7: Final results are displayed on a high-resolution touch screen


  • Unattended operation

  • Fully automatic

  • No external cooling or circulating bath required

  • No volume meter or wet gas meter required

  • Capture live images & video and plot graphs

  • Large storage memory allows to store unlimited test results*


TEST METHODS : ASTM D892, D6082 IP 146, FTM 791 3211, ISO 6247

OPERATIONAL MODE : Sequence 1, 2, 3 & 4

TEMPERATURE RANGE : 20°C to 165°C, ±0.1°C

DISPLAY UNITS : ml FOAM, Temperature, Time (mins), Foam Collapse
rate seconds, Flow ml/min

DETECTION METHOD : CCD Digital Detection

PRECISION : ±0.27 ml/min, ±0.1°C

LIGHT SOURCE : LED Red (600nm)

MEASURING TIME : Method and sequence dependent

CALIBRATIONS : Temperature and flow with probes and flowmeters

DISPLAY : 10.1" touch screen interface

MEMORY : 64GB SSD storage