Water Washout Apparatus

ASTM D1264

The Seta Water Washout Tester is used to evaluate the resistance of a lubricating grease from a bearing to washout by water.

The test bearing is mounted on a hub, and rotated by an electric motor and toothed belt at 600 rev/min. A peristaltic pump draws heated water from the tank, through a filter, and sprays it, via a 1 mm capillary, onto the face of the bearing at a flow rate of 300 ml/min. The temperature of the water is digitally controlled in the range of ambient to 80 °C. The water containing washed out grease is collected in the tank, filtered and recycled. A drain tap allows the tank to be emptied at the end of a test.

The front panel has controls for water temperature, fine adjustment of water flow rate and bearing rotational speed, and a jet bypass switch to allow pre-heated water to circulate without passing through the jet.


  • New case design with large access panels for test hub and pump

  • Rapid warm up time

  • Fully removable pump for servicing

  • Integral bath drain

  • Separate electronics compartment

  • Easy to calibrate


TEMPERATURE RANGE : Ambient to 82°C ± 0.1°C

FLOW RATE : 5 ml/sec


SPEED : 600 ± 30 rpm