Dual Grease Worker

ASTM D217, IP 50, ISO 2137

Worked penetration results may be used to establish the consistency of lubricating grease after prolonged working. The change in worked penetration results on a grease after prolonged working are believed to be a measure of its shear stability under the conditions of the test.

The electrically operated grease working machine manufactured by Scavini, Italy, consists of a geared motor for 60 strokes/min mounted on a aluminium base with clamps to fix the grease workers.


  • Single or dual units available

  • Fitted with geared motor for 60 strokes/min

  • Programmable counter with six digits to preset up to 1,00,000 strokes

  • Strokes continuously shown on display

  • Supplied with wrench for opening and closing the grease worker

  • Fitted with safety shield, and safety device that cuts off power supply when the shield is lifted during the grease worker operation