Heated Oil Centrifuge

ASTM D 91, D96, D 893, D 1796, D2273, D2709, D 2711, D 4007, D 5546, API 2542, API 2548, BS 4385, ISO 3734, ISO 9030, IP75, IP 359, NF M07-020, DIN 51793

The DIGITOR 22C is designed for oil & gas industries for applications such as crude oil, fuels, lubricants etc. and fully complies to various international standards. With capacity for 4 tubes of 8”, 6”, trace and 28 “finger” tubes, DIGITOR 22C is most versatile and effective option out of all the centrifuges for oil applications.

The oil centrifuge is a heated chamber centrifuge used to determine water and sediment in oils. The large diameter chamber, with four or six place rotor and cushioned adaptors allows the use of 6 and 8 inch conical, pear-shaped, trace sediment and 12.5 ml tubes.

The swing out rotor ensures that samples are held near vertical when at rest allowing precise measurement of sediment. The centrifuge features a hinged lid that opens to the fully upright position to allow easy loading and unloading of tubes between tests.

Speed, temperature and timing are microprocessor controlled. Run parameters are entered via a liquid proof ‘touch panel’ and digital display.



Safety directives:


RCF : up to 2425rcf

ROTATIONAL SPEED : Up to 3000 rpm


TEMPERATURE RANGE : Ambient to 80°C ± 1°C

CONTROL : Microprocessor with 40 memory capacity

TIMER RANGE : 1 sec to 99 hours and continuous hold position