Manual Distillation Apparatus

ASTM D86; ASTM D850; ASTM D1088;

The distillation unit is a bench-top instrument used to carry out atmospheric distillation of petroleum products and liquid fuels to determine boiling range characteristics.

The unit can distil samples from ambient temperature up to 400 °C and consists of an electrically heated distillation enclosure with a cooling fan and an integral condenser.

The steel distillation enclosure houses the distillation flask which is supported by a drop-in ceramic support board (accessory) mounted to a platform that is adjustable for height.


  • Frontal panel with manual controls for heating, fan and main power

  • Adjustable height for heating element

  • Wide hardened glass window for inspection and stainless steel cover with hole for the distillation flask

  • Cooling fan

  • Stainless steel internal tank for condenser unit with insulated double chamber covered with aluminium panels

  • Stainless steel condenser tube

  • Cooling coils for water connection