Automatic Cleveland (COC) Flash Point

ASTM D92, IP 36, ISO 2592

Automatic equipment that features electric heating, gas ignition with electric pilot flames, automatic fire extinguisher, barometric temperature correction and a touch-screen interface that permits to introduce test data, run test, save and retrieve reports, print them and allow diagnostic and calibration.

The apparatus is standard supplied with brass oil cup with insulating handle, Pt100 temperature probe and electric ignitors.


  • Automatic flame applicator

  • Automatic flash detection by ionization sensor

  • Automatic flame relighting

  • Integrated flame extinguisher that automatically extinguishes the flame by covering the cup in case of fire detection

  • Ability to change set point during test

  • Store up to 400 test results

  • Ability to search flash point for unknown sample

  • Ability to change setpoint during the test



FLASH DETECTION : Ionization sensor

TEMPERATURE RANGE : Ambient to 420 °C