ASTM D942, IP 142

ASTM D2892 Standard

The ASTM D 2892 (TBP, True Boiling Point) can fractionise crude oils from 15°C up to 420°C AET (atmospheric equivalent temperature) at pressure stages down to 1 Torr.

The distillation column has 15 -18 theoretical plates and complies fully with the ASTM D 2892.

Different column packings are available such as Propac (mostly used), Helipac, SulzerPac, Raschig-Rings (metal or glass) etc.

Also real plate columns are available. The distillation plant runs entirely automatically starting from debutanization at atmospheric pressure via several vacuum stages down to a minimum pressure of 1 Torr and a final cooling sequence.

Soft- and Hardware are constructed for unattended operation and fullfil most todays laboratory safety requirements.

Fractions are collected and measured in their final receiver, which are sealed closed when a receiver is changed.

The butane fraction is collected in two gas traps. The cooling of the gas traps can be done by using dry ice or a thermostat (-60 °C).

ASTM D2892 L-Series

The TBP-L series (L = large, from 50 to 250 litre) has the same framework concept as the Standard TBP plants, but there are some extra features, which separate the EuroDist System plants from the competition.

The reflux divider and main condenser are installed on a moveable support, which can be lifted up and down by an electric winch.

If any service or installation work is required, the whole construction can be driven down to floor level – from a height of approximately 4 meter for a 50 litre plant – by simply pushing a button.

No more risky climbing on high ladders and no more fear of breaking heavy and expensive glassware!

The main condenser has two separate circuits which are powered by two independent thermostats; therefore allowing operation at lower distillation rates, if one thermostat is not available.

The big flask is installed on a movable support. It has a drain valve at the bottom with big and robust wheels guaranteeing a good rolling motion.

ASTM D2892 M-Series

MPS (Mini Potstill) and TBP-M models have the same compact framework design.

Thermostats are standing at the rear side and are accessible from the left or right side. The framework stands on rollers. The computer table can be placed at the left or right side.

MPS and TBP-M have a carrousel, instead of a conveyor belt. The carrousel runs within a chamber, which has a front door.

The chamber can be heated up to 90°C. It includes a volume follower system, cut weighing equipment and bottle closing.

The carrousel can be made for 6,12 or 24 receivers.

The TBP-M models have a column size of 500 ml up to 2 litre, with flask sizes ranging from 500 ml to 4 litres.