ASTM D5236

ASTM D 5236 Standard

The ASTM D 5236 (Potstill) can fractionize crude oil or crude oil residue from 15°C up to 565 °C (at atmospheric equivalent temperature); from atmospheric pressure down to a vacuum of 0,1 Torr.

The column design complies fully with the ASTM D 5236 method.

In normal operation mode, the plant completes a preheating and evacuation to the first vacuum stage (1 Torr), distilling until a predetermined flask temperature and reduces pressure to 0,2 Torr while continuing distillation.

After the final cut, it carries out a final cooling sequence.There is a special mode which allows (performing / completing – which you prefer) a full distillation including an initial debutanization.

This is especially interesting for customers who have the knowledge in data conversion from Potstill yields to TBP yields, as it can save up to 80% of the distillation time.

ASTM D 5236 L-Series

The Potstill-L models have a bigger framework and a movable flask support.

For safety reasons and easy access, the big and heavy cold trap is situated close to floor level.

The support can swing out, which simplifies any service work.

ASTM D 2892 M-Series

MPS (Mini Potstill) and TBP-M models have the same compact framework design.

Thermostats are standing at the rear side and are accessible from the left or right side. The framework stands on rollers. The computer table can be placed at the left or right side.

MPS and TBP-M have a carrousel, instead of a conveyor belt. The carrousel runs within a chamber, which has a front door.

The chamber can be heated up to 90°C. It includes a volume follower system, cut weighing equipment and bottle closing.

The carrousel can be made for 6,12 or 24 receivers.

The TBP-M models have a column size of 500 ml up to 2 litre, with flask sizes ranging from 500 ml to 4 litres.