Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFOT)

ASTM D2872

The apparatus consists of a forced air circulation oven suitable for temperatures up to 180°C and equipped with a rotating shelf placed inside along with a coil that preheats the air directed into the sample container.

This test is used to determine the effect of heat and air on a moving film of semi-solid asphaltic materials. The effects of this treatment are determined from measurements of the properties of the asphalt before and after having heated in a oven for 75 minutes at 163°C a moving film of asphaltic material while air at a rate of 4 l/min is directed against the sample.


  • Adjustable flow meters for regulation of air jet inside the oven

  • High precision flow meter

  • Digital temperature controller

  • Electronically controlled motor with reduced gear for precise carriage rotation

  • Safety device that stops the carriage in case the door is opened during the test

  • Emergency stop button