Bitumen Penetrometer

ASTM D217, ASTM D1403, IP 310, EN 1426

The penetration is the depth, in tenths of a millimetre, that the standard cone penetrates the sample under prescribed conditions of weight, time and temperature. The apparatus consists of a penetrometer with adjustable head combined with a manual gear that permits a fine adjustment of the cone position right upon the grease sample. The results are showed on a digital display placed, together with an electronic timer, in an independent control box.

Optionally, refrigerated baths of various sizes are available (please require related technical bulletin): by connecting the bath to the transfer dish it is possible to penetrate sample while immersed in water at 25°C or other test temperatures.


  • Microprocessor controlled

  • Penetration range 0 to 500 Pen (50 mm)

  • Timer programmable

  • Automatic plunger release and retention

  • Flexi light

  • RS232C interface


PENETRATION RANGE : 0 to 500 pen (50 mm)

PENETRATION TIME : programmable

RETENTION : Automatic

RELEASE : Automatic

DISPLAY : 4 digit, fluorescent