Fuels Blenders Automatic Octane & Cetane Reference blending system ASTM D2699, D2700
Fuel Blending System D 613
Certified reference products (dist, flash, visco, density,octane, sulfur, lead….)
Fuel Lubricity Automatic HFRR for Diesel & Gasoline ASTM D6079-04
Automated BOCLE system (ATF) ASTMD5001-06, 6078
Automated BOCLE system Scuffing Load (ABSSL) ASTM D-6078
Thermal Conductivity LAMBDA System & TK System Thermal conductivity off fluids, solid & semi-solid materials and powders.
Foaming of fluids CGS System. Gas content in fluids
Deteoration of lubricants Oil performance monitor Oil performance monitor
Solid content in grease Solid contents in Lubricants tester DIN 51813




Manual distillation apparatus ASTM D86
Distillation apparatus ASTM D850
Distillation apparatus ASTM D1078, IP 195
Distillation of cut-back asphaltic products ASTM D402
Vacuum distillation apparatus ASTM D1160
Distillation apparatus ASTM D322, IP 23
CFR engine automation system(Basic version and full automatic device)
Dean & stark apparatus ASTM D95 IP 74
Viscosity Manual/Semi Automatic/Ultra low Viscosity Baths ASTM D 445
Sampling Sample Container ASTM D1265
Hydrometers ASTM 1298
Corrosion High Temperature Bath ASTM D130, D4048, EN/ISO 2160, DIN51811, IP112
Copper (Silver) Corrosion orsilver corrosion baths ASTM D130
Calibration of Viscometers Ultra Precise control calibration bath ASTM D2162
Circulators/baths Low/High Temperature Baths/Circulators (thermostat/cryostat)

Tamson Immersion Coolers
Absolute viscosity Viscosity bath for Bitumen ASTM D2171

Water & Sediment
in fuel oils
Water & Sediment in fuel oils ASTM D1796

Density by
Density by Hydrometer ASTM D1298

Filter Blocking
Filter Blocking Tendency ASTM D2068
ASTM Petroleum Laboratory Glassware Viscometers, Distillation, Cloud Point,Pour Point, FIA Columns and systems Ramsbottom, Oxidation, Foaming, Thermometers and hydrometers, Glass PT100 probes As per various ASTM/IPStandards
Custom Glassware Distillation, Dcombustion Tubes Environmental, Research and Development,Borosilicate and Quartz repairs
Elemental Analysis

Total Sulfur Analyzer

ASTM D5453/ISO 20846.UV fluorescence
ASTM D3246, ASTM D3120 ,ISO 16591 (Micro coulometry)
ASTM D2784, D2784, D2785ISO 4260 (Wick bold)

Total Nitrogen Analyzer

ASTM D4629/D5176/D5176D5762/ NF EN 12260


Total chlorine & other halogens analyzer

Conlometry & Micro conlometric methods.

Carbon Analyzer

Viscosity Fully Automatic Viscometry System ASTM D445/446
Digital redwood viscometer IP 70
Digital B.R.T.A viscometer IP 72, EN 12846
Saybolt viscometer ASTM D88, ASTM E102
Ford viscometer ASTM D1200, D5125 DIN 53211 ISO 2431
Zahn viscometer ASTM D816
Zahn viscometer ASTM D1084
Zahn viscometer by DIP-type ASTM D4212
Brookfield original viscometer ASTM D789, D1084, D1638, D1824, D2196, D2669, D2849, D2983, D4016, D4287, DIN 53019
Engler viscometer ASTM D1665, IP 212, DIN 51560
Conventional engler viscometer ASTM D1665
Digital engler viscometer ASTM D1665
Vogel-ossag viscometer DIN 51561
Hoppler viscometer DIN 53015
Glass capillary kinematic viscometers ASTM D445, D446, IP 71
Viscometer tube cleaner
Viscosity standards Low temp viscometer ASTM D2983
Cold cranking simulator ASTM D3829, D4684, D5293 SAE J300
Viscometer for asphalts & polymers ASTM D2170, D2171
For High temperature viscosity ASTM D5481
Cloud & pour point Cloud & pour point apparatus ASTM D97, IP 15 ASTM D2500, IP219
Freezing point Freezing point apparatus ASTM D2386, IP16, ISO 3013, DIN 51421
Freezing point apparatus ASTM D1177
Boiling point Boiling point APPARATUS ASTM D1120
CFPP CFPP apparatus ASTM D6371,IP 309, DIN 51428
Solidification point Solidification point ASTM D852
Densimetry API gravity of crude petroleum & petroleum products ASTM D287
Digital Densimetry bath ASTM D1298

(bitumens & greases)
Penetration of bituminous materials ASTM D5, IP 49, DIN 52010
Cone Penetrometer ASTM D217, D1403, IP 50, IP 310 DIN 51804, ISO 2137
Cone penetration of petrolatum ASTM D937 IP 179 DIN 51580 ISO 2137
Needle Penetrometer ASTM D1321, IP 376, DIN 51579
Roll stability of petroleum grease ASTM D1831
Yield stress of heterogenous propellants by cone peneration method ASTM D2884
Manual & semi automatic precision Penetratometer ASTM D5, D937, D1321, D1403, D1831, D2884
Manual grease worker ASTM D217, D1403,
Automatic grease worker ASTM D217, D1403,
Flash point Pensky martens closed cup flash point tester (in manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic versions) ASTM D93, E134, IP 34, ISO 2719, EN 22719
Closed cup apparatus (flash / no flash by equilibrium method) ASTM D3934, ISO 1516
Flash point by equilibrium method ASTM D3941, IP 304, ISO 1523
Abel flash point tester (manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic versions) IP 170, ISO 13736
Flash & fire point by Cleveland open cup (in manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic versions) ASTM D92, IP 36, DIN 51376, ISO 2592
Flash point by tag closed tester ASTM D56, IP 491, IP 492, ISO 1310, ISO 1516
Flash / no flash tester (equilibrium method) ASTM D 3934
Flash / no flash tester (equilibrium method) ASTM D3941
Automatic tag closed cup flash point tester ASTM D56, d3278, D3934, IP 491, IP 492, ISO 1310, ISO 1516
Flash & fire point by tag open cup apparatus ASTM D1310
Flash point of cutback asphalt ASTM D3143
Extraction Asphaltene determination apparatus ASTM D6560
Lead in gasoline (volumetric chromate method) IP248, ISO 2083
Salt content by extraction & volumetric titration IP 77
Acidity of petroleum products IP 182
Determination of lead, acid & salt content ASTM D2547
Corbon reside conradson Conradson carbon residue apparatus ASTM D189, IP13 DIN 51551, ISO 6615
Coking value of tar & pitch ASTM D2416
Corbon reside ramsbottom Ramsbottom carbon residue test apparatus ASTM D524
Total sediment Total sediment tester ASTM D4870, IP 375IP 390 ISO 10307
Aniline point Aniline point tester ASTM D611, IP 2 (METHOD A, B, C, D, E & F)
F.i.a. Flourescent indicator abosorption ASTM D1319, IP 156
Pona, adsorption Pona apparatus ASTM D2001
Adsorption apparatus ASTM D2002
ASH Ash from petro products ASTM D482, IP4, ISO 6245
Sulphated ash from lubricating oils & additives ASTM D874, IP 163 ISO 3987
Ash in analysis of petroleum products ASTM D4422
Ash determination apparatus ASTM D482,D874 D4422
Separation Heated centrifuge – for precipitation number of lubricating oils ASTM D91
Heated centrifuge – water & sediment in crude oils ASTM D96
Heated centrifuge -insolubles used in lubricating oils ASTM D893
Heated centrifuge- sediment in water-emulsion polishes ASTM D1290
Heated centrifuge -water & sediment in fuel oils ASTM D1796
Heated centrifuge ASTM D1966
Heated centrifuge trace sediment in lubricating oils ASTM D2273
Heated centrifuge- water & sediment in middle distillate fuels ASTM D2709
Demulsibility characteristics of lubricating oils ASTM D2711
Water & sediment in fuel oils IP 75 IP359 DIN 51793
Sulfonation number, ulsulfonated residue Sulfonation number apparatus – ASTM D1019 IP145 ISO 3840
Unsulfonated residue apparatus – ASTM D483
Heat of combustion Bomb calorimeter ASTM D240 IP 12
Mahler bomb calorimeter (precision method) ASTM D4809, D2382
Bomb calorimeter (gross calorific value) ASTM D5865 ASTM D3286
Bomb calorimeter ISO 1716
Bomb calorimeter ASTM 129 IP61 DIN 51577
Sjlphur in petroleum products by bomb calorimeter ASTM D808
Quartz tube sulfur apparatus ASTM D1551 IP63 DIN 51768
Sulfur in petroleum products by lamp method ASTM D1266 IP 107
Particulate contamination Particulate contamination ASTM D5452
Free water & particulate contamination ASTM D4176
Contamination in middle distilates IP 440 EN 12662
Sampling & gauging tanks Weighted beaker ASTM D4057
Weighted beaker ASTM D4057
Weighted beaker ASTM D4057
Bacon bomb ASTM D4057
Sampling tube (brass) ASTM D4057
Sampling tube (ss) ASTM D4057
Corrosion Copper / silver corrosion bath ASTM D130
Copper strip corrosion by industrial aromatic hydrocarbons ASTM D849
Oxidation Oxidation bath ASTM D943, D2274, D4310
Oxidation stability bath ASTM D2440
Oxidation stability bath (oxygen bomb method) ASTM D942, IP 142 DIN 51808
Rust Rust prevention test bath ASTM D665 IP 135
Rust protection by metal preservatives in humidity cabinet ASTM D1748
Lpg Weathering test, mercury freeze method ASTM D1837 D2158
Pressure hydrometer ASTM D1657
Hydrometer IP 235 ISO 3993
Dew point Laboratory dew point apparatus ASTM D1142
Portable dew point apparatus ASTM D1142
Hydrogen sulphide in liquified lpg ASTM D2420
Schilling effusiometer IP 59
Vapor pressure Reid vapor pressure apparatus ASTM D323 IP 69 ISO 3007
Emulsifying Herschel emulsifier ASTM D1401
Semi-automatic herschel emulsifier ASTM D1401
Demulsibility apparatus ASTM D2711
Air release value Air release value apparatus ASTM D3427
Foaming Foaming bath (2 & 4 places) ASTM D892
Coolants foaming apparatus ASTM D1881
Greases Oxidation stability bomb ASTM D942
Greases separation apparatus ASTM D1742
Oil separation from lubricating grease (pressure filtration method) IP 121
Greases separation apparatus (elevated temperature) FTM 791-321
Evaporation loss Thermostatic bath ASTM D972 IP 12
Leakage tendencies Wheel bearing grease apparatus ASTM D1263
Water washout Water washout grease apparatus ASTM D1264 IP 215
Roll stability Roll stability apparatus ASTM D1831
Corrosion freases Corrosion freases apparatus ASTM D4950
Dropping point Dropping point apparatus ASTM D566 D4950
Dropping point apparatus ASTM D2265
Drop point of grease apparatus IP 31
Drop point ubbelohde DIN 51801-2
Torque Grease resistance to low speed rotation ASTM 1478, D4693 & D4950
Colour Original lovibond comparator ASTM D1500
Comparator D1500 & D1524
Saybolt chromometer ASTM D156
Melting point Wax melting point apparatus ASTM D87
Drop melting point Wax drop melting point apparatus ASTM D127 IP 133
Oil & solvent in wax Oil & solvent in wax apparatus ASTM D721 IP 158 DIN 51571 ASTM D3235
Evaporation Evaporation bath – air & steam jet ASTM D381 IP 131 DIN 51784
Deterioration Bath for scott cylinder ASTM D454, D572
Softening point Ring & ball apparatus ASTM D36
Breaking point Fraass apparatus IP 80 DIN 52012 EN 12593
Solvent distiller
Ductility Ductilometer ASTM D113
Refrigerated ductilometer ASTM D113
Residue Residue by distillation apparatus ASTM D244
Residue by distillation apparatus ASTM D6997
Effect of heat & air on a moving film Rolling thin film oven test apparatus ASTM D2872
Rolling thin film oven test apparatus EN 12607
Loss on heating Loss on heating oven test apparatus ASTM D6 IP 45
Smoke point Smoke point apparatus ASTM D1322 IP 57
Water reaction Water reaction interface of ATF ASTM D1094
Explosion Explosion test bath
Thermometers Certified ASTM, IP thermometers
Solid content in grease Solid contents in lubricants tester DIN 51813


Fuel lubricity Automatic HFRR for Diesel & Gasoline ASTM D6079-04
ISO12156-1&2, IP450
Automated BOCLE system (ATF) ASTMD5001-06, 6078
Automated BOCLE system Scuffing Load (ABSSL) ASTM D-6078
Lubricant film thickness & traction coefficient EHL Ultra thin film measurement system
Lubricant traction MTM Thin film measurement system
Lubricant viscosity Ultra Shear Viscometer ASTM D4683, D4741
& D6616
Lubricant performance Micro Pitting Test Rig
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